I’m Going to be a Part of an Exhibit!

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Well, my work is anyway.

Las Artelitas, a collective here in Chicago that works with artists of color to develop trenchant social commentary through art. I’ve submitted a piece that adapts the story of the Three Little Pigs for the theme of the exhibit, whose description I’ve included below:

The Allegorical White Horse is a closer look at what it means to exist under the shadow of our vulnerabilities. It is widely held that upon seeing Cortez’s small white skinned army riding in White Horses, Moctezuma was mesmerized by what he perceived to be gods. This fantasy is a powerful point of departure for us in our conception of fable, and how we mirror ourselves in our fantastical acceptance of falsehoods to continue the cycle of oppression.

I’m excited! My written work is going to be hanging next to amazing visual art! If you are or will be in the Chicago area around the time of the exhibit, I highly suggest you come check it out for a spell.

Look at the event page here.

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